Texting Drivers More Dangerous Than Drunk Ones

I really don't give a shit if Jon Jones has a DUI, but I am thoroughly enjoying the attitudes of people leaving comments on the articles, though.

I understand I hold an unpopular opinion, as the current emotionally- and religiously-fuelled bandwagon paints a DUI on the same canvas as a murderous rampage through a maternity ward nursery or the mistreatment of animals cuter than the ones we typically think nothing of wiping out.

I'd like to inform these outraged lynch mobs that sober drivers kill kids (killing kids seems to be the thing they always bring up) every day, and more often than drunk ones if they're using their phones or eating.

The slowing of reaction times follows this hierarchy, from most affected to least:
  1. Eating
  2. Texting
  3. Drinking a soda/water/coffee etc
  4. Drunk
So who are we to determine if alcohol was a factor in an accident? The same accident may well happen if the driver was sober. Obviously we can't, so we have this blanket rule.
However, this rule doesn't apply to worse forms of driving distraction, and certainly not in terms of severity. The punishment doesn't fit the crime: texters, drinkers and eaters should logically accrue larger penalties than a DUI.
The hypocrisy of the holier than thou does, however, amuse me. Pray continue.


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