Cute as a Button

I got told this story by an old labourer. It was in the 1950’s and he was helping build a house on a vacant lot. The family living in the house next door had a four-year-old daughter. A cute little thing that was fascinated by the goings on at the job site. So much so the crew adopted her as a kind of mascot, made her a little tool box and bought her some toy tools, and gave her little jobs to do around the place. At the end of the week, they gave her a proper pay packet containing half a crown. Pleased as punch, the little girl ran home to show her mother, who said they should go down to the bank and deposit it. At the bank, the teller asked, “my, what have you been doing to earn such a pay packet?”

“Oh,” replied the little girl, “I helped build a house last week.”

“And will you be helping build a house next week?”

“I will if we ever get some more fucking bricks.”


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